Welcome To My Bed

Drink To That

The holidays haven't quite started yet, but summer's been thoroughly nailed into her coffin, and we all know there's plenty on our plates to finish before the new year.


I have poems appearing all over this fall--look out for them in the next issues of Sugar House Review and FRiGG Magazine, as well as on the Paper Darts website.  My poem, "Sense Memory," first seen over at Amethyst Arsenic, has been selected for inclusion in the first BILiNE anthology, where it will live among many friends.  I'm also exceedingly proud to announce that my poem, "A Spade, A Spade," is a finalist for the Gigantic Sequins poetry contest, judged by Nick Flynn.  I'm told he's picked a winner, but no one will say who.

For the month of October, I've been banging out a poem a day on a private blog with some very motivated (and very talented) far-flung friends.  It's been a welcome challenge to make space in my schedule for producing one brand new serviceable draft each day, and it's also forcing me to write about the things I don't typically sit very long with.  I'm developing a series of letters to the moon, as well as wringing out some demons that needed banishing.

Oh, and just in case you forgot, I have paintings and prints for sale over at SickDomestics.  Some of my favorites have already gone to wonderful new homes.  (I feel like a proud parent.)  And in time for gifting season, there will be an entire ark of strange, wonderful yarn creatures to take home and snuggle up by the fire with.

In honor of all this newness, I bleached my hair blonde on Friday.  It feels right to suddenly appear so different, what with all the big accomplishments and even bigger changes on the horizon.