Hi Im Annie and here is the next part of my story

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Hi Im Annie and here is the next part of my story

As the sun came in the window it stirred both of us and finally woke me. I rolled over and wrapped my arms around Larry holding him tight. His cum still in my pussy made it feel like a sponge between my legs. I kissed his back and neck as I played with his nipples. He slowly rolled over and said: "Morning Annie! How you doing this bright sunny morning?" I kissed him and told him: "Good Larry I feel great with real forced anal against her will you here next to me. He kissed me again and reached for me pulling me to him.

I moved my little body over his and felt his cock coming alive under me. The sun was very bright and came in the window shinning on our bodies. I lifted up and looked down at him. He was !! He pulled me to him as I felt my hard nipples press against his chest. He kissed me long and hard sliding his tongue deep into my mouth! I sucked it hungrily! We broke and his lips trailed down my neck and I arched up so my breasts were available for his mouth! He pulled me up and engulfed my left one. I felt his mouth circle my nipple and begin to suck it passionately! Oh god I loved this white man's mouth on my oriental body! I'm small but he made me feel like I was 6 foot tall! My body was 32B,24,24 but he made me feel like I had a body of 38DD,26,36! God he did get me off! I moved further up his body so he could handle and suck my breasts!

We made out a little while before he told me: "God Annie! I'm sorry but I got to go to the bath room so I'm going to have to stop!" I smiled: "I do to baby! It's OK!" We both got up and he went in first. I sat there playing with the old waiting for him. When he was done I ran in and relieved myself. I also cleaned my and put two drops of my perfume around my pussy. Something told me I was going to need it before we left. Larry loved to eat pussy and I knew he was going to have me for breakfast! And man did I need it! I came out and saw him slowly stroking his cock, which was hard xnxxv sunny leone video and red in the sunlight! He looked at me walking towards him and said: "God Annie you are beautiful! Here stand in the sun for me and left me see it shine on your face and body!" I walked around the bed and stood in front of his picture window letting the sun show on my body. He came to me and took me in his arms kissing and holding me.

He licked his way down my body sucking and pleasing me as he went from one breast to the other sucking and licking them both hard. His hands held my ass and pulled me to him. I could feel his pushing against my body and I took it in my hand squeezing and teasing it! He licked my breasts getting my nipples as long as they could get. I lifted my face up to his moaning and saying: "OH god Larry, I love you so much!" he kissed me again and dropped to his knees. He looked up at me now and said: "Ann, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Turn around baby! Let me see all of you in the sunlight!" I turned around slowly letting him see all of my body! He stopped me when my ass was facing him. He held it with both hands and slowly moved one of his hands under it and touched my pussy. I opened my legs further so I could get more of his touch! Oh my god he had a touch! He stroked my pussy from behind as the sun shown on it! He told me: "Bend over Annie, I want a closer look!

Bend over foe me and touch your toes if you can!" Now I am very flexible and can put the palms of my hands on the floor. I bent over and placed my palms on the floor giving him full advantage of my lower body! He ran a finger from the front of my pussy all the way back to my . He stroked my pussy for a long tome. I was sure he was getting a view of all of me. His finger pressed and opened my pussy lips and even went deep inside my . I was almost dripping wet from his touch. Finally I felt his lips kissing inward to replace his fingers. MY pussy was leaking as his tongue licked into my pussy as his fingers held it wide open. He began to lick my pussy from behind slowly and very softly! I was going with desire. Finally my knees gave out and I fell on all fours on the floor. He moved around until his head was under my body! He took his hands and pulled me down until his tongue was deep inside my pussy eating me like a pro! His tongue was going up and down and in and out of my pussy as I grind it on his face.

His nose was pushing against my clit hood and as he pulled my pussy lips open wider it was sticking out! Now as he licked up his nose was rubbing my pussy as his tongue fucked me. I was pumping my cunt on it and started to cum! He was amazing! Every time he got me off it was better than the time before. He knew when I wanted to be sucked and when I wanted to be licked. His fingers knew where to touch me to make me get the best out of our lovemaking. And, now as I was having my orgasm, he knew how to make it last and last and last! He was a remarkable lover. I pushed down into his mouth and he took all of my pussy in and started to suck and lick as I fucked away in it. I moaned out: "OH Larry! OH yes baby! OH YES!! OH GOD! YES I LOVE IT! Mummmmm!!!" His mouth continued to suck me and lick me until he got me to have another orgasm!" I could just whimper out the words now: "Eat me Larry! Eat me! Oh yes oh god yes! Mummm!" My body was pumping and pumping against his mouth as I was cumming and cumming.

Finally after what seemed to be an hour of having his tongue in my cunt he rolled me over on my back. He pulled me up and lifted me in his arms. He held me under my thighs as his hand guided his cock into my wide-open ! As I felt it slide in I weapped my legs around his waist and began to pump on it! My head was thrown back and my back was arched as I rammed into his body fucking him as hard as he was fucking me. God he had some staying power as he pumped and pumped his hard cock deep into my body! He held me in the light as I hammered my body on his cock. My breasts were being sucked as his cock pleased me over and over again! I was cumming again and he hadn't cum yet!!! I screamed out as he held my body tight and my hips pumped my cunt back and forth on his hard rod! Oh yes!! He was so good so fucking good. I knew he was strong and I was small but he fucked my for I know 20 minutes holding me in his arms letting the sun shine on both of us. It was magic! It was hot and I moaned and licked his neck and bit his shoulder as I was cumming again! I held on and let my body hump on his cock sticking up inside me so dep!