Welcome To My Bed

Magic morsels, birthday edition.

These are things that make me happy, since it's my birthday and all.

And just so you know, the photo-insanity has already begun. I don't own, nor have I ever owned a digital camera, but that will not prevent this occasion from being exhaustively documented. We (meaning my current roommates, my former roommate, and my male brain twin) went out dancing at midnight last night to ring in the day properly--"properly" meaning six inch heels, Patron shots, and a sweaty old school mix. When we walked up to the bar, I heard one of the guys at the door say to another, "We're hanging out with them tonight." It made me giggle. Once I gather the evidence of at least the pre-party, it will most likely make its way into a post. I wish I had a picture of the happy dance I did in the street that stopped short only of a flying heel-click. The next few days are going to be non-stop.