Welcome To My Bed

Exhausted from wrestling the router.

I've been scarce (work, shows, debauchery, etc.), but now that we have internet at the tree house headquarters I will be back in full force.

Sort of. Next week begins thrice-weekly team practice for NPS. And I haven't been doing nearly enough work towards my novel. I need a desk. Or really just my drafting table so I can draw and write longhand in all the best hours of sunlight, then spend all night typing on the floor. I also want a comfy reading chair so I can make a book nook behind my bedroom door.

The New Hampshire show went far better than I could have hoped, the Cantab made me feel loved (as always), and there's a charter school in Chelsea that has seen me speak frankly about sexual self-determinacy and the responsibility that comes with language. In not so many words.

I DJ'd a house party last night, with great success. I even got people to dance. My casual knowledge of rap music is just serious enough to impress a couch full of hipsters with every word to "Gimme the Loot". My pong partner and I may have lost miserably (I blame my chronic ineptitude at gentleman's shots), but we were still deemed the two "coolest girls" there.

My de facto motto may as well be "Work hard; party harder", but it may be time to give things a rest for a few days. Good thing work comes bright and early tomorrow to whip me back into shape.