Welcome To My Bed

For the love of Friday (plus a little magic).

Today is my day off. From everything. I have work I should be doing, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to do it. I have things to mail, but I probably will not mail them. Etcetera.


Also, Grössby says I should show you my new hair. I think we can officially diagnose this as an addiction to hair dye. We could also call it my first successful double process in the comfort of my own bathroom. I am strongly inclined to write about it in the area labeled "special skills" on job applications. But then, I am strongly inclined to write a lot of irrelevant things there, like "high pain tolerance", or "lead foot", or "exceptional spatial reasoning".

I am pretty sure that the only thing I am interested in doing (besides video blogging with Cass) is watching my favorite movie of all time, The Fall. No one knew it existed when it was released, probably because it was only playing in New York and LA and then disappeared from the planet, and I try to recommend it to as many people as possible always. Lee Pace is magic in everything. Any film with swimming elephants and silly melodrama that knows it is silly melodrama and frame stories and experimental interludes with string and clay and dioramas and colors to drown in is A-okay in my book. A brief sample:

Le sigh. I am clearly delirious when I have this much time on my hands.