Welcome To My Bed

Magic morsel #22, 23, and there are medical updates to be had.

Firstly, I would like crawl inside of the speaker cones producing this song every time it is played (really anytime any DFA1979 is played) and feel the rattle in my lungs. LOUD NOISES!

Dad's having surgery on Monday. Last Monday he went into congestive heart failure and has been in the hospital ever since awaiting desperately needed bypass consults and such, and now he's finally had them. We've found a doctor willing to perform such risky surgery, and I am thrilled. If you've been sending good thoughts, thank you. If you can manage it, please keep sending them. Until then, I am moving intuitively, no large motions or big gestures, just the necessities. Cass and I found an apartment. I handed in a sixty page manuscript to my advisor. I wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, read, then sleep. Keeping it simple seems to help in times like these.