Welcome To My Bed

I propose a toast...


...to us. Wherever we meet, whenever we meet, even if we have not met yet, even if we never will, have a drink with me. Here's to the ways we've connected this year. This has been my first taking this modest blog seriously; what started out as a public diary-type endeavor has evolved into an exciting place for me to work out ideas and keep a record of the things that I love and celebrate. I'm so proud and thankful I'm able to share these thoughts with you.

So I'm raising what one of the chefs at my summer job would call my "fish dog head beer" to you, my reader. Cheers! I hope you are just as warm and wonderful, mischievous and fun-loving as I imagine you. And I also hope you're ready for my more of my ranting and raving in 2010, because there is little chance I am going to shut up anytime soon.