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The brain is a labyrinth.

Anxiety issues are something worriers like us (okay, maybe just me...) are born predisposed to according to this New York Times article.

Now, I'm not typically heavy into psychology, but the ways of the brain fascinate me; the fact that our levels of reaction to outside stimulus as infants remains on some level consistent as we age is compelling because I've always heard of the brain referred to as "plastic" or constantly changing. If something like potential for anxiety remains consistent, what does that mean for people who are crippled in their daily lives by worry?

Questions of consciousness, bodily experience, temperament, and the ways in which humans are still such scientific mysteries were among the topics of conversation last night after I got back from one of my all-time favorite nights at the Cantab. My friend Kat's academic concentration is based on a holistic approach to the brain, and we did a little talking about the nature of memory. If there was a science I'd like to sit in on simply as a curious observer, it would be any and all sciences involving the study and theorization of the human mental experience.

And speaking of anxiety, I have a writing assignment weighing heavily on me at the moment; enjoy the article!