Welcome To My Bed



"Home" (whatever that word means anymore, I can't even be sure) for the past few days has been nothing but full of surprises. I spent the bulk of yesterday in Brooklyn for a partial reunion of Mod 30 (more on that later), and today I got my car fixed in under and hour and have begun sorting through all of the boxes and bags that may or may not need to go back to Amherst with me. Rediscovery is the word of the day. I found my favorite hat in a cardboard box in the basement full of other hats and the contents of last year's desk. I am reveling in feeling slightly Russian, watching soap operas with my mom and eagerly reorganizing my things in preparation for the impending departure.

In extra special, super awesome, LIFE magazine cover news, I have acquired a picnic basket the likes of which the world has yet to truly appreciate, and pie plate that is sure to get at least weekly use this fall, what with our farm share and my constant need to enlist Peter's baking skills after class. I am very excited for pies and turkey chili and lots of writing under fall leaves. September is by far my favorite month, and not only because people have already started in with birthday gifts (nearly a month early, but I wouldn't dream of complaining). Grössby and I have big plans for the coming year, very big, even megalodon-sized plans.