Welcome To My Bed

Getting comfortable.


Back at Hampshire for the final year of scrambling to be literary, and though my room is a mess and there are so many things left to accomplish before I'd even dream of calling myself settled in, I needed a breather. I thought I deserved one, simply for the fact that I've already accomplished half of my to do list for the day and it's barely mid-afternoon yet. I can already tell that this is going to be a very productive semester.

But fun is not lost on me either. Last night I went out, even though my room is nowhere near being set up, and had martinis with Peter. The whole day was jam=packed with hugs and hellos, and by the time I got home, Cass and I just lay around listening to music until we both passed out. A welcome collapse at the end of an exhausting day. This is going to be a week of exhausting days. I have so much to write about concerning the last bits of my summer, but for the time being it's probably more imperative for me to get organized and ready to face the glaring face of academia first thing tomorrow morning. Speaking of which,


the book buying has begun. That beauty is for my class entitled "Woman and Poet", which all four of us living in the apartment are taking. One of the other core texts is A Room of One's Own, on of the few extraneous books I brought from home on a whim - I guess I just can't go anywhere without Virginia. Also, as an aside, it's very frustrating to me that most of John Fante's work is currently out of print or in the process of being printed because someone recommended him to me and I really want to read some NOW. I'm going to have to go dive into the stacks at work and see what I come up with. Which reminds me - I now have a carrel at the library. I feel like I really have a thesis project now. It's unnerving me.