Welcome To My Bed

Sounds of moving.

Pardon my moustache.

The following are highlights from Kait cleaning out her desk. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. The above photo is a concession so that we are both embarrassed equally, or least close to equally. In actuality, I think I got the short end of the stick here.

"How many cable splitters does one person need?"

"The rubber band around these index cars is so old that it just snapped in half..."

"Oh look. Another cable splitter."

"My grandma bought them for me - engraved pens I got for my birthday that cost about eight dollars."

"I have a keychain flashlight!!"

"I think I can throw out these letters from [insert Kait's ex's name here] now."

"Mini screwdriver set..." "Lemme see that." "It's mine!"

"Do you want some Sticky-Tack?"

"Kyle, this is from when you gave me that gay-ass Guinness Society card?" "Where did you even get this from?" "You made them!"

"I have paperclips from when I was in the sixth grade."

"Want some sparklers?"

"Don't worry guys, I have my Pogs."