Welcome To My Bed

Return of the self.


I finally got the haircut I have been jonesing for since January at least (but most likely a lot longer). And I have realized that long hair is so clearly not ever for me. I walked in to Cass and Sophia's living room to give them back a chapbook I had borrowed and they were both commented on how I look so much more like myself now. I feel more myself now.

April gave me a book yesterday called All About Love by bell hooks, and I cannot put it down. She said she knew that I needed it, and she was definitely right. I can tell we are going to be great friends, both because of this and many other reasons from the past few days. The book is making me feel a lot better in addition to making me reexamine a lot of things. Thus far, I highly recommend it.

This week started out pretty poorly in terms of my emotional stability, but I it is steadily getting better. I just need to batten down the hatches, finish my work in a timely manner, and move to Providence (relatively) seamlessly, and I will be able to breathe properly again.