Welcome To My Bed

"Searchers found the remains of a body..."


Clearly I am back in Jersey, because the only movies available to watch are on video. The bulk of them from a company called Feature Films For Families. Oh yes, it's good to be here.

I'm watching network news for the first time since last year, and it's incredibly disgusting. Maybe since I've been exposed to so much cable news since being at school, and the differences are jarring. But it's more likely that I'm appalled to see fat cats and broken water mains getting more coverage than financial policy or the effects of the financial crisis or anything to do with the armed forces. Maybe the problem with local news is its near-sightedness. There was apparently a water main break near the Holland Tunnel this afternoon. But Diana Williams probably couldn't tell me any war statistics. This is not to say that slam poets are better harbingers of news than those paid to deliver it (although in this case, I'd be prepared to say as such). I just wish I felt like the Eyewitness team cared about things that are real. God forbid they scare their core audience of senior citizens. Being in Philly, immersed in heavy political commentary for the past couple of days, has soured me on this filler.

Weren't news anchors once determined journalists? Do they even care about New Jersey's fattest cats? I don't begrudge the weather man, only the people who are supposed to be synthesizing things for the people who will not seek out any other news source. I'm bordering on ashamed here.