Welcome To My Bed

Noir weekend, among other things.


(What a great movie, I really wish I had a copy lying around that I could watch.)

So in my recent table read for the Black 29 Production Go Ask Alex, I met this guy Ed who is absolutely amazing. At the reading, he asked if any of the female actresses would be interested in being in a short film noir piece, and I couldn't say no. When I was a senior in high school, I had a phase where all I watched was noir. There was this guy, Derek, who came into my job at the coffee shop every day, and he had the most epic movie collection of all time. He lent me such classics as the Humphrey Bogart awesome-fest pictured above, Chinatown (which I have since acquired, thank god), A Touch of Evil, and Double Indemnity. I ate it up. So when Ed said he was having trouble finding female actresses, I gave him my email.

And tomorrow, we shoot, starting at 8 AM. I am beyond excited. I really wish that the script file wasn't saved as a .docx file, because I want to read it over and over again. Anyway, I think I'm going to have to put a rush on that paper I need to write by Tuesday, because tonight I was planning on going to see Sam and Steve's first tour stop in Northampton. So, this gives me the afternoon to make all of this happen. And to mentally get into the mindset of a femme fatale.

In other news, I saw Kenneth Branagh's screen adaptation of Henry V for the first time last night, my first experience with that play at all. I went into it knowing that Branagh was the youngest person in the Royal Shakespeare Company to ever play Henry, and obviously respecting that, but good god, he was beyond amazing. I am worried about what James will think of the Shakespeare I chose for a our weekend of the Bard: the Ethan Hawke Hamlet. Lots of people hate it, and nothing can follow Kenneth Branagh. When I found out he was directing Thor, I got beyond excited. Especially because too many people know him only as Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter, which is criminal, even though he gave that role exactly what it needed.

Ok, just one more thing and then I promise I will stop ranting and raving about movies. But this is really important. I just saw a trailer for the new Darren Aronofsky project that is one of the only bright spots in this year's movie minefield (oh writers' strike, only know are we truly realizing your effects), called The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke looks to be the stuff of Best Actor nominations, and I do not say that lightly. And Aronofsky has this reputation of making films that drip sadness all over your life, but this one seems inspiring, uplifting even. Not without its sad moments of course, but a different kind of sad. Apparently it was at Cannes and it all anybody's been talking about since then. I am too excited for it. Watch the trailer here, and get excited too.

Alright, just like I promised, I'm going to get my paper done and leave you all alone now.