Welcome To My Bed


A new hard drive is coming my way. But really, I mean two new hard drives. One for free, from Apple. The other for an early Christmas present, because my dad is terrified that I'm going to lose my files again and destroy my chances of becoming a published author. Yesss.

Slam Collective keeps doing wacky scheduling things, and as a result, I have yet to compete in a slam this season. The IWPS qualifier is happening on a Monday to avoid a scheduling conflict with election day. Which is fair enough I guess. But I have class on Monday night. I don't even care about qualifying for IWPS. I just want to compete again.

I had a dream last night that a cat-sized cougar was attacking my family. I tried to battle it. I think my mattress is to hard for my back.

There are random pictures throughout the Virginia Woolf biography I'm reading. Some of them are really hysterical, but I feel guilty laughing.