Welcome To My Bed

New month.

I was trying to ignore that yesterday was the first day of October, but it got to me anyway. I don't know what to do about the passage of time ever. Except write in my journals. However, today, with the passage of time, I plan on using many moments strung together in order to make a care package for my little brother. Usually, it works the other way around, and people send care packages to you at college. And even though I could use one right now, I am going to send him one. Because I want him to listen to good music and read good things and just generally become a person I have a lot in common with. Generally, this shouldn't be difficult. I have a lot of free time today that is vaguely tied up in other things. Two shifts at the reference desk is a bit much, but I think I can handle it. And if I hurry, I can take some pleasure in the extra feature that Slam Collective is putting on tonight, a special Thursday night event. I get out of work at the library around ten, and the reading allegedly end until eleven, so maybe. Just maybe.

My brain is swirling with pre-orders and paychecks. I am trying to figure out the safest way to send the bulk of my paycheck home on friday without the threat of it getting lost in the mail or stolen if it is just cash floating around. I think I'm going to a write a card and put it inside, just because that seems easiest and least conspicuous. Or maybe I'll send it locked up inside my brother's care package. I am very paranoid about such things.

I think the cause of my long-standing illness has something to do with neglected dental work. I haven't seen a dentist since probably before high school. Insurance is such an odd thing to try to wrap my head around.

We finished the first disk of the first season of Californication, and besides it being brilliant and hysterical/poignant/too good/everything I wish happened on TV, I can't help worrying that if James and I ever end up separate, he will be that person. It would kill me.

I need to get dressed and eat breakfast. It feels like the later I stay up, the earlier I wake up. Maybe the throbbing dull pain-like feeling that isn't quite pain in my jaw is making it difficult for me to sleep late. I don't mind it so much, I just don't want to owe anything to discomfort.

I want to go record shopping. And finish my novel. Instead, I will go to class today, and write a paper tonight while I am at work. I have no idea what the parameters are. All I know is that it's due tomorrow.