Welcome To My Bed

I am hopelessly self-absorbed.


In the infinite amount of down time I have at the library, I get up to some pretty standard internet-type activities. Like Googling myself. Most of us have done it (including James McAvoy's seriously unlikely "bad-ass" character in this summer's Wanted, in fact it kind of catalyzes his desire for change), and I am no stranger. There is a woman who writes film reviews for the Village Voice with my exact name. If she ever gets asked about this blog (though I doubt many people read it outside of my immediate realm of consciousness), I apologize. No one deserves to be credited with such tripe. Anyway, I was Googling myself and coming up with various interesting things, none of which were me, unless you count the youtube videos floating around somewhere past page five of me performing poetry very poorly last spring. And in this fit twice-removed self-examination, I decided to Google my blog. In quotes, because the title words are all so common. And I found a post I had no idea about, one on the Tamur Records blog, refering to one of my posts from back in July. And it made me smile, all of it. Including the picture they chose to represent me, a very bald picture from last fall where I would look like a skinhead if I wasn't smiling so much and wearing a lilac colored dress.

So above, you see a picture of Gabby, the person who, whether realizing it or not, was my window into the world of successful home recording. I am listening to her sing right now on my ipod. Tamur's doing a really cool thing for kids who just want to get their music heard, so check them out. They're accepting demos until November first, so if you interested, go read about it.

Speaking of independent productions, Black 29 is beginning pre-production on one of two films it is responsible for in the coming year, Go Ask Alex, which is my friend Evan's smart, trippy, way-too-awesome reinterpretation of the perennial classic Alice in Wonderland that I am sure we all remember fondly. I have seen so many version of this story (including a musical porn version from the 1970's) that it is usually hard to get excited about new takes on it, but I am beyond enthusiatic about this one because I know just how talented Evan is. There is information on their blog, and there will be a website up soon, which I'll be sure to post a link for. So do some looking, and if you're in the Amherst area, come audition!