Welcome To My Bed



12 PM

Somehow, I always assumed it would be more enjoyable to lie in a field of my own clothing. I guess the reason I'm not happy about it is because I am trying to sell the clothing I am lying on top of, but today seems more geared towards a nap in the shade than an all-day garage sale that (so far) has been poorly attended. One woman has stopped so far, and was interested in a stone owl, a wooden turtle, and a pair of my sister's old BCBG sweatpants. I guess I expected more out of this day.

12:30 PM

Last night, my first night back at work, I made nearly two hundred dollars during my shift. I took home most of it in singles in preparation for this bust of a garage sale. I wore make-up for the first time in awhile, and all the guys in the kitchen kept telling me how beautiful I looked, which was a pretty humorous exchange, because they don't speak much English, and whenever I try to speak Spanish I lapse into French without realizing it. One of the chefs always sees me writing and keeps insisting that I let him read my "diary", and I always tell him that I'll let him see it the next time I come into work. That never ends up being the case, but he keeps believing me.

1:45 PM

I have had one customer in five hours. My brain completed the transformation from solid to liquid about and hour or so ago, and now it's well on its way to becoming gaseous. Maybe I should just start an eBay store for all of this stuff.

1:56 PM

I have started playing association games to keep myself from falling asleep. The 1970"s are yellow. The 1980's are turquoise. Yellow is also tequila, tacky jewelry, and the black-eyed Susans that line my driveway. Two bottles of water later, I am still dehydrated. Blue is water, especially the ocean, but the ocean is also green. Green makes me thinkof fresh cut grass. But I also still have blue in my head, and that's a lot like a night in California. Navy blue north of the valley. But too much light to see any stars but the brightest ones. It's almost ironic.

Someone rescue me please.