Welcome To My Bed

Every town has a diner.


Tonight was the last diner night of the summer, and it's sad to say goodbye, but at least I got to spend it well.

Matty (see above badass picture) and I caught up on the recent happenings of the world and got accosted by a woman who looked like she had just sucked a dime's dick and/or been held up at knife-point by a person with epilepsy who needed a ride to Westwood because she took the bus for one too many stops and ended up in Park Ridge. So strange. But anyway, all the talking that we did made me realize that everything always comes full circle. Examples: for all the cigarettes that he has bummer me in the past, I am finally getting him back for them; Matt is now wearing boat shoes and listening to Vampire Weekend after spending his entire high school career (or at least the year of it that I knew him for) as someone who was generally not down with the hyped bands of the moment; I finally have a ponytail again after all of this time in varying states of self-inflicted baldness. It's just wackyness.

Anyway, two more days in Dirty Jerz, and then I'll be on my way back home. Miles to go before I sleep.