Welcome To My Bed

Project of Betterment.

My calendar has never abided by the normal Julian (is it Julian?) calendar that is accepted pretty much throughout the world as we know it. My calendar operates by school, at least in terms of the changing of what year it is. Months seem longer or shorter depending on how much school they contain, or at least they used to when school was a more regulated and odious thing. College has changed all of this. Summer vacation seems interminable now. Even day to day things seem so far from one another. I have so much more time to sleep and eat and do all the things I had to squeeze in if I managed them at all, like reading for pleasure, talking to my parents and siblings about things I actually care about, etc. The amount of time, even after subtracting for work and sleep, is overwhelming. And so I have decided I need resolutions. I have passed Division I and am moving on to phase II of my III phase education. So begins a new year, at least by the way I calculate things. So here is my list of things to do to sponge up time that is spilling into everything and creating a great deal of boredom.

1 - Read at least three books a month.

This is something I am willing to be flexible about, but I have already reread White Oleander, read Ten Days in the Hills, and am working on House of Leaves. That last one is going to take some time, being that it is very dense. The goal is something I don't expect to meet, but I expect to try. On the reading the list to follow are War and Peace (I need my Tolstoy), a collection of Kafka short stories, some Margaret Atwood, some Toni Morrison, some Dave Eggers, Neil LaBute, Zadie Smith, and various teach-yourself-French books. All of this is part of a larger effort to take care of the lack of time I had for myself this past year, and also the lack of time I will have for myself come September. I am trying to fit as many books into this summer as humanly possible. Anything in the house or on Amazon is fair game. Not even my sister's library of Sedaris will be safe. I want it all in my brain as soon as possible; I'll cram it in to whatever space I have for it.

2 - Watch at least three movies a week.

This is something that is not at all hard. This week I have watched Hard Candy already, and have a Friday plans with my dad to watch I'm Not There. Wednesday night Chrissie and I want to watch Wristcutters, the latest from Netflix. And in a day or so, Teeth should arrive from them as well. I want to return to school with a head full of movie, so that there will be at least five movies I have seen that James hasn't. I am a competitive person. And he is living in LA. This is as close as I can get. (On a side-note, I have yet to see The Incredible Hulk, and this weekend both Wall-e and Wanted come out. I have been summer movie slacking.)

3 - Dance for at least three hours a week.

Today I called my ballet teacher of I don't know how many years to ask about the summer schedule for adult classes. I haven't taken a class in about a year, but my body aches to dance. I did barre exercises and a bit of center work along with a bunch of jazz and hip-hop for about forty-five minutes earlier, and my body was literally screaming in happiness. My muscles have been so bored. And also, I go to the beach in about two weeks for the dreaded annual family reunion (how I got dragged into it when I swore it wouldn't happen is beyond me) so I would like to lose five to ten pounds if at all possible. I'm pretty sure I need to start eating breakfast if this is going to happen. It is the most important meal of the day, and I always skip it. Anyway, even if I don't start taking class again, dancing makes me so happy, and even if it's just me being silly in my room, it feels good to move again.

4 - Send James at least one piece of mail a week.

Now that I finally have assurance that he is not living on the streets of Compton, I plan on bombarding his mailbox. We talk on the phone about once a week for however long it takes for us to say what we need to in order to catch up. But I like the idea of being able to mail him things. It's very romantic. And when I'm in North Carolina, I plan on writing him a postcard every day, or at least every other day. I think that it will be fun to give him an idea of the day to day antics of my wacky family. And receiving mail is something that brightens anybody's day. Unless it's junk. I get more junk mail than I should be getting. And all of it is from my Amherst bank. Ugh.

5 - Write something down every day.

I haven't been keeping up with my paper journal with the usual vigilance. I feel guilty. To change that, I am letting it just be a memo book for me. Anything I want to remember past the next five minutes will go in it, and this will make for an interesting record of the summer.

In other news, I bought my plane ticket to LA the other day and am currently trying to restrain my brain from doing mental window shopping. I have never even been to the city and already I envision myself shopping far too much to be allowed to have money when I get there. Anyway, I am going to get back to reading, and hopefully get to bed at a reasonable hour. I am praying that I make decent tips tomorrow at lunch. At least at work I get paid to be bored, instead of being bored at home, where my fidgeting and sudoku puzzles are all for naught.