Welcome To My Bed

Mothers prefer doctors and lawyers.

I started working on my book again last night after going out for coffee with a long-lost friend, and thank god for tiny bits of inspiration. I wrote over ten pages. That thing has been dormant for such a long time, and it feels good to get back to making something that is just for me. It's still only sixty pages typed, but I am looking forward to writing at least five pages a day, just so that I can make a lot of headway and perhaps look for some publishers or at least publishing connections through my friends. I am trying really hard to be productive.

I start my first day of waitressing at that bar today, in an hour actually. Navy polo and khakis. It feels like private school all over again. But I am excited to have money again. Soon this will mean buying a plane ticket. And finally making my tattoo appointment. So many things will be able to happen now. I hope they give me as many shifts as possible. And I also hope to hear from Blockbuster sometime this week. That way, I can work more than I ever imagine to be possible. I need some way to kill time. I need to experience things outside of my house, things worth writing about. I don't want to retread any of the same ideas unless it's very deliberate.

Time for breakfast, and a shower, and then the beginning of so many new things.