Welcome To My Bed

I can breathe again.

After the weekend from hell (two waitressing doubles in a row) and a week of suspense about whether things were life or death for my dad, everything has more or less settled down. My feet have returned their normal state of general grumbling but no discomfort. And my dad is taking antibiotics and generally not in need of surgery anymore. Medical conditions frighten me.

As a result of my dual jobs, I will be forgoing the all-of-a-sudden-annual partial family vacation. Part of me is relieved. I don't like dealing with my dad's side of the family. Most of them I love dearly. But my grandparents hate me. And I cannot handle two weeks of them nagging me about my tattoo, and my non-neo-con political beliefs, and my nose stud, and my haircut, and blah blah blah blah. If I wanted advice on how to live my life, I surely wouldn't ask for their opinion. And let's be serious here: the only vacation I am truly working towards is a stay in Hollywoodland.

On that note, work is going decidedly well. I love the bartender I work with, the food is amazing, and pretty soon they will be serving up more shifts for me. But there are several things I am not too fond of.

1 - Shitty Tippers

I can understand if all you got was a burger, and I won't begrudge you small tips there. But if you have two or three glasses of red wine and a thick steak (FOR LUNCH!), and your bill amounts to more than twenty bucks, a two dollar tip is unacceptable. I know there are so many waitresses (and delivery people) who get stiffed on tips by people who do not know the etiquette. Ten percent at least, regardless of the situation. And twenty percent if your party is more than the average table of four, because then we have to scramble to remember who got what and employ more hands to bring your feast out of the kitchen. And a waitress's tips are split between the waitress, the busboy, and the bartender, who makes all my drinks regardless of whether they require alcohol. Maybe that is specific to where I work, but still. More people than I would like don't consider such things.

2 - Drunk Regulars

Regulars are bread and butter, especially for a neighborhood bar, and generally I don't have to deal with them because I serve the people who are eating, not the ones hooked up to an IV drip of the poison of choice. However, if it's slow, I am subjected to outrageous racism, sexism, language, and personal questions that I don't want to answer. Creepy middle aged men bothering me on my cigarette breaks, telling me that I should get another boyfriend if mine isn't in this zip code. I obviously don't want to hear any of this. I will tolerate you because I have to, but that doesn't mean I have to be nice. Most of the time, I am bitchy when they bother me, but this just amuses them. I cannot win.

3 - No sign of a paycheck yet.

In spite of definitely being on the general work schedule for the foreseeable future, and having worked there for two weeks with great success, everyone has yet to explain how, when, and at what intervals I will be paid for my services. I mean, I know that I am not getting fleeced, because I have a time card just like everybody else, and I get to keep my tips. However. I still have not seen any signs of shift pay, nor has anyone even mentioned it. I guess I should just ask? It seems like such a rude question. We'll see how much longer this goes on for. At this point, it is only semi-ridiculous.