Welcome To My Bed


I was getting a little out of control (and looking too much like a Jonas Brother), so I cut my hair a bit when I got home from my fourteen hour day at work.





Not a huge difference, but shorter bangs were something I had been debating since I started growing all of my hair back after the impulsive head-shaving incident of this past September. Now the rest of my hair just has to get longer as fast as it can handle, and I will be a very happy camper.

This week is probably one of the busiest weeks I've had since I've been back in New Jersey. Working six times between my two jobs in addition to Maggie's graduation is making my head spin. I am tired and the week isn't even half over. Being this busy just makes me miss James, because whenever I got overwhelmed he would just hug me. Our anniversary was this Monday, seven months of something. Not that it has a specific label anymore. But seven months of something.

There is absolutely no food in the house, and I am going to go out to find some.