Welcome To My Bed


I finished both papers this morning. Last night I got too distracted with showering and listening to Ariel Pink. Today when I get back from class, I swear to god i am going to clean my room. Or at least box up the things I am determined to sell before I make the drive back to Jersey with all of my stuff. There is so much. I am highly tempted to throw out so much, it's not even real.

I put too much stuff in my hair last night before I went to sleep. New products will be the death of me. I feel plastic now.

This morning at work I found a card that is good for a free coffee at Starbucks every Wednesday until May 28th. Also, I wrote out life plans on neon salmon colored note paper. So many lists.


My sister and her boyfriend might come up to visit us this Saturday, and I am very excited. I haven't seen Kaitlin since...Christmas. That makes me feel old. Only old people are so separate from their relatives. Providence will change this. The summer will change this.

Reconnecting with old friends makes me feel weird about not moving back for the summer. They might be angry. I am such a pushover.