Welcome To My Bed

Get Your Feet Wet

Most of what I publish happens to be poetry, but I write in many other directions and evidence of that is finally seeing the light of day. I'm in the throes of finishing up a collection of short stories that will be out next year. Essays, reviews, and short stories (as well as a poem or two) have popped up all over in the last few months and I wanted to make sure to share them here.

+ "Bootleg," a flash ghost story about a first kiss from my forthcoming collection, won Noble/Gas Quarterly's annual Birdwhistle Prize for fiction.

+ I wrote about the way rape ends up on TV as a plot point and how I engage with it in "Why Chuck Bass," published over at Queen Mob's Teahouse.

+ My thoughts on Jay Deshpande's delicate, arresting Love The Stranger live over on the Button Poetry blog, where they're collecting micro-reviews of poets' favorite recent collections.

+ I wrote a mini-syllabus based on my on-going Warhol clique research that Entropy was kind enough to share with the world.

+ The Mira Project interviewed me on my experiences with street harassment and rape culture.

+ A poem I wrote after Peter Pan & Skrillex called "we rowdy" appears in issue 17 of Adroit.

Death is Funny

There is a set list for every hurt under heaven. I just found mine from smack in the middle of my first few months as a person with a book & it's wild to hear how sure/unsure I am of myself. Now that Pelican is over a year old, it feels easy to forget that my bird even exists. I want to keep reminding myself that I made a thing that helped me to laugh & live & grieve through one of the hardest losses I've ever dealt with. It's been five years since I lost my dad. I'm having dinner with his best friend tonight & toasting to how he taught me to tell our story.

Set List

1. remember the fun we had when you poisoned me
2. You Bring Out My Worst Side**
3. Everybody Knows That I'm a Mess
4. I Didn't Mean to Swear in Your Church
5. Stitches* 
6. Roadkill*
7. Conditional*
8. Rappelling
9. the internet doesn't know
10. The Right Words*
11. Out of Control
12. On The Day You Decide You are Quitting*
13. She Drives The Honda to Wisconsin
14. Smoke 'Em If You've Got 'Em

* these poems appear in Pelican, published by YesYes Books
** these poems appear in Celeris, published by Fog Machine

In With The New

fresh meats

It's spring & there are new poems of mine popping up everywhere!

First, I'm ridiculously proud to announce that my latest chapbook, Make a Fist & Tongue the Knuckles, is one of three winners of Nostrovia! Poetry's annual chapbook contest, alongside work by Elle Nash and Bob Sykora. It'll be out in July, with a release reading at the NYC Poetry Festival. I hope you can make it!

Another exciting announcement: my chapbook-length poem, "Stag," is included as a handmade zine in this years edition of Ladybox. This box of limited handmade books by lady writers includes work by Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Jennifer Robin, Isobel O'Hare, Melissa Bañales, Rios De La Luz, and Tiffany Scandal. There are only 50 box sets available, and they're already more than halfway gone. Get yours here.

And now, for the good, old-fashioned journal publications:

+ Cutbank was kind enough to adopt "self-portrait, revised" from my self-portrait series for their 84th issue.

+ The #psychologia issue of White Stag houses a Warhol poem, a Scream poem, a Ryan Adams fairy tale, & a mashup of The Faint & One Direction. 

+ Redivider 13.1 contains two poems of mine, "Equuleus," which also lives in my Fog Machine chapbook Celeris, and Celeris b-side, "If I'm The Moon."

+ Vagabond City Lit put a roof over "I Will Die Chained to an Espresso Machine" & "remember the fun we had when you poisoned me," two remnants from my years as a barista.

+ And as an extra special bonus prize, my handwriting has ended up on a super rad "lit witch" tshirt for sale over at Witchcraft Magazine. Join the coven!