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Scream Queen Sequel

You Can't Pick Your Genre cover Big Lucks
Final Girl cover Big Lucks

I’m so happy I can finally announce that my out-of-print Scream chapbook has survived to see her sequel as part of a chapbook do-si-do arriving this summer, alongside Lauren Milici’s Final Girl, from Big Lucks. You Can’t Pick Your Genre got treated very poorly by her first publisher, and it means so much to me to see this project get a second chance at the life it deserves. Mark Cugini did such an excellent job designing these covers, and also helping me revise some of my favorite poems I’ve ever written into their best possible forms. I can’t wait to share them with you. I’ll be posting a link when pre-orders go live.

Perversely, I spent National Poetry Month completing an initial draft on my first-ever full length prose project. Though most of my writing time has been generative lately, I do still have a few publications to share.

+ Lauren R. Korn recently interviewed me for The Adroit Journal. We talked about a falling knife has no handle, but also wandered into conversations about class, cocktails, comfort food, synaesthesia, disappointment, and how to do AWP right (for me, at least). I had a lot of fun discussing the book and hope you’ll have fun reading about the way the poems still hook into my everyday life, long after they’ve been written.

+ I have two Warhol letters in the spring issue of Sixth Finch: the first is about a Super Bowl party and Andy’s unexpected appearance in one of the commercials; the second sings the praise of worker bees and tells him he needs to watch The Crown. I’m very happy that these poems just keep getting weirder the more I write them.

+ Another Warhol letter found a home at Glass Poetry. This one is owed to Liz Taylor, horse races, and semi-precious stones. It includes a little description of the project, and how I started writing the letter series last summer in Arkansas, in case you’re hungry for an origin story. There’s also an audio recording of me reading the poem from my couch, in case you need a bedtime story.

Speaking of Arkansas, I’ll be returning to Fayetteville later this summer to lead a workshop and give a reading with my friends at Open Mouth. I’ve used the trip as an excuse for a little southern tour. I’ll be visiting several cities I’ve never met before and I’m really looking forward to bringing my poems to places I don’t see on nearly enough book promotion itineraries. Stay tuned for a list of dates!

Yes Yes, West Coast

Boston has about five feet of snow on her face, but I'm trying to focus on my flight Tuesday afternoon, when I will be delivered to two weeks of West Coast shows. Are you all in your feelings and looking to commiserate? I'll be performing work from Pelican in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California for the rest of the month alongside my powerhouse press-mates Meghan Privitello and Danez Smith. Let's hug, if you're into that.

Wednesday 2/11, 11 AM-1 PM

PCC Cascade Campus

705 North Killingsworth St, Portland


Thursday 2/12, 7-9 PM

Olympia People's Mic

Cafe Love

204 4th Ave E, Olympia

$3-7 entry, Facebook event page


Friday 2/13, 7 PM

Bad Blood

Ace Hotel Portland

1022 SW Stark St, Portland

Facebook event page 


Saturday 2/14, 7-9 PM

Sole Repair Shop w Sara Brickman

1001 East Pike St, Seattle


Sunday 2/15, 6:30 PM

Portland Poetry Slam

Velo Cult Bike Shop

1969 Northeast 42nd Ave, Portland


Wednesday 2/18, 12 PM

City College of San Francisco

Rosenberg Library 305

50 Phelan Ave, San Francisco


Wednesday 2/18, 7:30 PM

Berkley Slam

The Starry Plough

3101 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley

(1 block uphill from Ashby BART)

$7-10 sliding scale, cash prizes


Thursday 2/19, 6-7:30 PM

University Book Store

2430 Bancroft Way, Berkeley


Friday 2/20, 7-9 PM

The Art Bar & Cafe

1060 River St #112, Santa Cruz


And if you haven't pre-ordered your copy of Pelican yet, there's still time. The official release date is 2/15, so if you buy your book in the next week and send me a picture of your receipt, I'll send you a copy of the zine of witchcraft/pizza/pop poems I made called nobody dies from being wrong.

Gross in Love: The Tour

My book is coming out in three months! AGHHH!!!

And another thing: my partner John's book is also on its way! AGHHH!!!

Which can mean only one thing--we're going on a book tour together, and it is going to be GROSS. And by "gross," I mean a truly excellent adventure across America (and maybe beyond?) with lots of high-fiving and bike-riding and poems poems poems.


Places I have not been but want to go: Denver, Reno, Portland, Omaha, Iowa City, Chicago, and your house, and your friend's house, and your grandma's house (as long as she doesn't frown too harshly upon content "for mature audiences only").

If you need poems about grief and death and sex and friendship and animals and witchery and general feral bitchiness, I'm your gal.  If you need poems about recovery and outer space and houses and cats and robots and how to be in your brain and body at the same time, he's your gal. We want to meet you! We want to high five you and jump on your couches (with your consent, of course) and invade your poetry readings and art happenings and vomit our feelings into your life and never leave, not really, because afterwards you'll have our books and also little pieces of our hearts.  Got it?  Good.

You can invite us to your city or reading or living room using the handy contact form on this website, or by leaving a comment on this post.

We love you! Let's meet for real!