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Ghost Life

Happy Halloween weirdos! I have a few ghost stories to share, just in case you're trying to get in the mood.

Mike Graciale gave me a rad evil spider tattoo last night / now my whole arm is venomous

Mike Graciale gave me a rad evil spider tattoo last night / now my whole arm is venomous

As those of you keeping score at home may have noticed by now, I don't publish as lot of fiction. This isn't because I don't write it, but because I'm terrified of my own prose. But 'tis the season to be terrified.  So here's a piece of my flash fiction, published in the "haunted" theme issue of Wyvern Lit, called "How to Feed Your Ghost." I recommend reading it to the tune of many fun-sized candy bars being savored.

Just in time for it to be seasonally appropriate again, Gigantic Sequins added my poem "de Los Muertos" to their online archives. I owe much of the thinking behind this poem to my excellent roommate and sister in ferality, Cassandra de Alba, especially "the sleep of apples," a phrase from her own personal translation of a Lorca poem.

Speaking of Cass, we both have work in the new issue of Souvenir Lit, live and on the internet today. They published my poem, "Conquest," an early draft of which, many years ago, made Brian Ellis gasp at the Cantab open mic. It was one of my favorite reactions to my work ever, and I let it haunt me on bad days when I think nobody wants to hear me talk. Besides basking in the creepy glow thrown by Cass's poems inspired by the Investigation Discovery show Disappeared (a Feral Bitch Palace favorite) and anthropomorphized gazelles, my work also gets to live alongside that of Alexis Pope, whose Soft Threat is my favorite train companion, and Jeremy Radin, whose heart is a laser light show I'd pay a pretty penny to see on repeat. All star cast! Check it out!

And finally, in case you're in the mood to spit on a grave at some point today, Flapperhouse posted another of my poems to their website. "them bones" is the result of a slow-boiling rage and came from one of the most vividly horrific dreams I've ever had. If that doesn't make it an appropriate poem for the holiday, I'm not sure what would.

* * *

Because we probably exist too far apart for me to give you a caramel apple and a high five today, here's another kind of treat: the Boston Center for Adult Education is having a flash sale on their classes until 3 PM today in honor of my favorite holiday. Just enter the code "HALLOWEEN" at checkout for 30% off your registration.

Have a delightfully creepy weekend, and be sure to stay strange! If you'll excuse me, I need to finish my unicorn costume.


Send Yourself to Summer Camp

orange flowers

One of my students brought flowers for me to our last class!  I'm not much of a flowers kind of girl (people tend to only give them to me as an apology), but these made me feel so special.  There's nothing more lovely than feeling like someone truly appreciates your time.  I've been having a rough few weeks and the extra thought really made my day.

Teaching has been having that effect on me in general--turning the volume down on all of the stress I wrestle with and amplifying all of things about the world that make me excited to live in it.  Which Is why I want to make sure you know that I'll be teaching two writing courses at Boston Center for Adult Education this summer and would love to spend them talking about writing with you.  The first, on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 PM beginning on 7/15 and running for six weeks, is focused on short story writing.  We'll be digging in deep with your own writing in a workshop format and getting peer feedback on the stories you've been working on and want to get out into the world.  There will be some light reading, as well as weekly generative prompts to get the ball rolling on new drafts.  The class maxes out at 12 students, so expect a focused and intimate look at how to be the best prose writer you can be.  Click here to register.

The second class, on Thursdays from 6 to 8 PM, beginning on 7/16 and also running for six weeks, is a more open format creative writing workshop.  Think the same peer feedback environment as the above class but with more options--we'll be discussing successful poems, stories, and methods that can sharpen your approach to any piece of writing, no matter the genre.  Light reading, weekly prompts, and in depth workshop time for everyone, as well as some fun exercises in re-imagining your own writing process.  Click here to register.

Let's write together!