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It's tough to read backwards (and in low light) so I'm just going to tell you outright that I hold in my hands a contributor's copy from my first anthology, Best Indie Lit New England, or BILiNE.  This is the most concrete evidence I have of how excellent a writing year 2013 has been for me already.

In addition to the arrival of the anthology, I have two poems over at The Bakery and a third at decomP as of this weekend.  And though most of my publishing news is typically in the poetry vein, this month I also celebrated the publication of my first nonfiction article by a major outlet with the appearance of "It Happened To Me: I Grew Up In A Hospital" as an entry in a contest sponsored by XOJane.  Dance break!

In preparation for AWP's impending arrival in Boston this March, I sent out a ton of new submissions this afternoon so that I'll have work to make small talk about when I meet all of the potential publishers.  I never thought of myself as a fastidious person until I started maintaining spreadsheets regarding my writing (and filing taxes when there's a big refund in store).  A week from today I'll be in Pittsburgh on something of a self-imposed writing retreat; I am so antsy to just get on the plane and be there already.  One of my main goals this year is to carve space out of my calendar for solid blocks of time dedicated to making art in other places.  Now that I've been stable and financially flush for more than just a few months, I've had time to think up plenty of excuses to strap on my traveling shoes.  Fingers crossed that my work gives me the legs to see more of the world.  But in a sense, I've already been traveling extensively--at least as far as the me in my poems is concerned.  There are copies of BILiNE floating around all over right now.  I am giddy with trying to imagine the living rooms and bedside tables I've never met that are now homes to my tiny, quiet poem.