Welcome To My Bed

Wonderful Life

It's gotten frosty in Boston and I'm on the brink of hibernation. The short dull light and abundance of cold means I'm hiding in my room for days at a time, drafting new pieces and sending out endless submissions. Are you burrowed into your winter nest yet?

I have a slew of poems showing up soon at Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Dusie, GLITTERMOB, Luna Luna, Noble/Gas Quarterly, similar peaks, tagvverk, and Winter Tangerine Review, as well as another piece of ghost flash fiction forthcoming in Atticus Review, but what I really want to crow about today is a little piece of non-fiction about introversion, Hampshire College, and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life called "Sowing Season is Non-Competitive" that lives over at Cartridge Lit.

Here's an excerpt:

The problem with cities is that people expect that you are waiting, dormant or asleep, whenever you’re not immediately interacting with them. It’s insulting. If you run into an acquaintance on the street, it often seems as if they’re in physical pain as they try to reconcile your presence in this place they never see you. It’s the reason I hate coffee shops. I don’t go out for coffee because it’s a near-guarantee I’ll be forced to small talk with someone. They will ask cursory questions about how I’ve been and try to make tentative plans when all I want to do is drown myself in iced tea. No one actually cares about the answers to these questions (What have you been up to lately? Will you bring me milk and a strawberry? Have you met the Harvest Goddess? Can you get my toolbox from the mayor?) but they ask them anyway to be polite. I have no use for politeness surrounding my caffeine intake.

There's a little over a month until my book release, and tour planning is in full swing. I'll be on the west coast in February, touring with my Yes Yes Books siblings Danez Smith and Meghan Privitello. If you're out that way, I can't wait to see you and share our poems.