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Spring Cleaning FIRE SALE!

Come hither looks for a fraction of the price.

I saw an "I Support Local Artists" bumper sticker on a fancy car yesterday while walking home from work, and it occurred to me that there is absolutely no way of verifying if that statement was true or not.  I know the driver didn't stop for me in the crosswalk, but who knows if she'd buy my paintings or not?

One thing I do know is that YOU can, and for a discount!  In honor of the vernal equinox (hurry up, Spring), I've knocked $20 off the price of all the paintings for sale at my Etsy store, SickDomestics.  Prints have been discounted too, and for the time being, they're all buy one, get one free.  You can't afford not to look.

Take me home tonight!

Take me home tonight!

And as a super special, blog-readers-only incentive, if you buy anything from Sick Domestics before April 15th, I will throw in a free copy of my classic chapbook Quiet is a Brand of Noise, which is out of print and only available if you read about it here.  Work from Quiet If you order before the end of March, I'll throw in a copy of the No More Ribcage tour chapbook, featuring poems by myself, as well as has appeared in Sugar House Review Cassandra de Alba, McKendy Fils-Aime, and Sam Teitel.

If you like pictures and poems, you know what you must do.