Welcome To My Bed

In Case You Missed It

Yesterday afternoon, I was a guest on Spoken Heard Radio, where I read a sestina written using the liner notes from Taylor Swift's Fearless  and "de Los Muertos."  If you didn't catch the interview, the broadcast is available as a podcast here.  I've been invited back to the show on 10/27 at 1 PM EST to talk more about upcoming shows and how poetry fits in to my everyday life, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Writing is something I make space for daily, so sometimes it feels a lot more like work than I want it to.  Opportunities like getting to read to the internet (which means all of my faraway friends can click through and hear me from Minnesota, California, THE WORLD) make me more giddy than they probably should.

In honor of being giddy (and on the radio), I present to you my first-ever EP, Feed The Dead , now available for download on Bandcamp.  Feed The Dead was recorded during a summer thunderstorm and is full of ghost stories slash love poems and includes audio versions of poems that have appeared in ILK, Whiskey Island, Nailed Magazine, and The Pedestal.  Fun fact: "Nursery" is the first poem I ever got paid for publishing.  I still read it at the end of a lot of my sets, first, because it is a story about home and sharks, two of my favorite things to discuss, and second, because it is one of my favorite things I've ever written.  Another fun fact: "How to Feed Your Ghost" is the opening story in a collection I've been cobbling together about the relationship between food, grief, and ways the dead appear to the still-living.  The seven tracks of ghoul-seasoned word experiments are available for $4 all together, but you can also buy single tracks for a dollar each if you take smaller bites.

If all this talk of records is making you hungry for an in person encounter, I still have a bunch of shows coming up in the next few weeks where I'll be reading these poems (and many others).  Next Thursday, 10/24, at 7 PM, I'll be one of the featured readers at Lorem Ipsum in Inman Square for the monthly 2 x 2 Reading Series.  The theme is Sweet Tooth, and I don't have one, so the brand new set I'm writing is going to be exceedingly strange.  Expect completely new work, and possibly a reference or two to the lovely young man who baked me a pie a week one spring as part of the most wholesome and ill-fated courtship I have ever experienced.  In November, I'll be doing back to back features at the Emerson Poetry Project on 11/18 and at Northampton Poetry on 11/19.

And perhaps the sweetest announcement I get to make today--I found a new job!  I hope you're having as delicious a day as I am, because everything just keeps coming up candy corn.