Welcome To My Bed

Welcome to fall, friends!

Last night, I celebrated turning 23 with a bunch of my near and dears.  I made a peach crumble from the fruits of a recent orchard trip and tottered around my apartment on giant heels, beaming about selling a painting for the first time in my life and making declarations of all I want to do in the next year.

birthday snaps

birthday snaps

Over at Side B, I wrote about how it seems about time to send out applications for fellowships and residencies.  I want the next twelve months to be full of time and space for more art.  Twenty-two was chock full of publishing success and intimate performances; for twenty-three, I am dedicated to taking it to the next level.

September 15th at Gallery 263 in Cambridge, MA, I showed my paintings publicly for the first time.  I've been full-steam ahead on a series of ten interpretations of Alphonse Mucha's glorious ladies as a tribute to the aesthetic of my friends' Meaghan and Harmony's new boutique cocktail business Booze Epoque.  My takes on them ended up bizarre and vaguely neon, which I am very excited about.  The paintings, and high quality full-size prints of them, are available over at my Etsy shop, SickDomestics.

In the coming months, I have poems appearing in Sugar House Review and FRiGG Magazine, but until the issues arrive, feel free to browse through the old stand-bys in the "Read" section of the site, where there are links to all my published work that's available online, as well as PDF versions of several self-published chapbooks.

Happy equinox everybody!