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A Major Message, Courtesy of The Rider-Waite Deck

I went out to NoHo at the end of August to spectate at the first of their monthly poetry brothels  and had the first tarot reading of my life.  It was just a simple three-card thing and I don't know much about the whole process, but I like having an interpretative framework for life and a trusted friend was doing the readings, so I went for it.  Lapsed Catholicism doesn't really help sort out the details on a regular basis, so cards will do.


It was a Past/Present/Future reading; my cards came up Ace of Wands, The Hanged Man, and The Sun.  I was told this is a really positive sequence.  In the past position, the Ace signifies coming from a place of intense creative spark, which definitely applies.  The past year has been one of explosive changed, especially creatively.  My first issue with Side B is under my belt.  I've had more than my fair share of publishing credits.  I've picked up my paints in earnest.  The recent past is a kind, glowing place in which I am at the pinnacle of productivity.  The Hanged Man is apparently a tough card for Virgos, no matter where it lands.  We don't like being restrained or asked to remain patient while the world continues to speed by.  (This must be why I always have such a hard time meditating.)  I am on the cusp astrologically speaking though, which means that if I can force myself to be more of a Libra about the now, then I will be much better for it.

Finally, my future card: The Sun.  My friend was ecstatic when I turned this last card over.  Apparently it means that the creative sparks in my past, through patience in the now, will result is big creative triumphs for me.  The waiting it the key, but the horizon has lots of good things in store.  And from the the bottom of the deck--my "distant future" card--came The Knight of Cups, a sign of more success to come.  Now, I am nothing if not impatient.  I had this reading about a month ago and am still antsy for something big to happen.  I've got over about 25 submissions out being read, many of them held onto so long that I know the writing must be getting at least a second look with an eye towards publication.  Anxiously tapping my foot while waiting for acceptance letters to come rolling in won't make them come any faster (or protect me from the inevitable rejection letters that will pepper the same batch of responses), but I'm still doing it.  On the bright side, I sold a painting for the first time in my life on Saturday (and there are more for sale here, along with full-size prints).  So, thus far anyway, the predictions have been correct.  I suppose I'm just greedy when it come to getting the good stuff I've been promised, even if the promises only came from an entirely fallible deck of cards.