Welcome To My Bed

Bambi, Dyed In The Wool

The heat won't come on in my apartment building until mid-month, but I am hiding under afghans in the interim and dreaming of all things crisp and fiery.  Beef stew simmering all evening on the stove?  You got it.  Hot whiskey lemonade nightcaps?  Yes, please.  Forest creatures on canvas?  My latest endeavor.


I started painting the guy to our left a few nights ago while watching television.  It's no secret that my dude and I both got deer tattoos at the end of this summer, and I've always been a little giddy about antlers. He'll be up on my Etsy store as soon as all the finishing touches are in place.

Generally, all my new projects for SickDomestics involve antlers, horns, and headwear (oh my).  A few weeks ago, on a jaunt to a garlic and arts festival in Western Mass, I picked up a bunch of yarn from local sheep (and more than a few varieties from the warehouse at Webs) and have been prototyping some stuffed gift creatures.  Unicorns, curly-horned rams, narwhals.  Maybe I'll even engineer a stag of some kind to match the new painting, though, knowing me, I'll get carried away and he'll end up top-heavy with twenty points knocking him off his spindly feet.  And hats.  There will be lots of hats, as I am a knit cap obsessive and am forever in search of new, bizarre patterns.

I've accumulated more scrap yarn than I care to mention, so it may be time to get started on another zigzag afghan.  My own has seen me through five New England winters with no signs of quitting.  It might be time to share that cozy secret with the world.