Welcome To My Bed


So I had this picture in my save folder labeled "wishful thinking":


And I decided to stop wishing. Besides the bleach, I am on my way. And the bleach can always happen later. As for the tattoos, we'll just say there are plans in the works. For now, this is the wish in progress, with a groggy face.


Other life goals fulfilled this week include making the Hampshire NPS team, submitting poems to a publisher, telling someone off for sexual harassment at work, among various other gratifying moments.

This week only knows how to improve upon itself. Saturday afternoon, Cass and I ran a workshop on the floor of a Manchester office building with Jeanann Verlee, whose new book Racing Hummingbirds is phenomenal. She, besides being a presence onstage and kick-ass poet, is a delight to talk poem mechanics with. Although, my favorite moment of the workshop definitely came from McKendy when he told her, "You can totally pen-fuck that draft if you wanna," while she had his hard copy in her hands.

I still haven't turned my calendar over from March.