Welcome To My Bed

Magic morsels #16 & 17, and also Craig Finn is adorable.

Now that it's sunny, let's do the mashed potato with every language we dabbled in during middle school! Printemps musica! Sit in the sun and smile today, please.

Last night, Cass and I went to see the Hold Steady at Pearl Street and left the concert in a state of serious euphoria, not only because of the bss still buzzing in our chests, but because it is always a joy to watch performers who contagiously love what they do. I don't care what I'm watching--if a performer is happy to be on stage, regardless of whether they are doing something happy or not, I am enamored of them.

Also, these guys opened, and they sang a song about looking into a shark's mouth and I swooned a bit too much. I guess it makes sense that I was tempted to buy all of the Pop Rocks at the register.