Welcome To My Bed

Beat that beat up.


Button put me on the scent of Super Mash Bros., and I have been obsessed since our driving adventure during which we had quite the dance party to a megamixed soundtrack of AWESOME. Maybe something in my brain has shifted, but the past six months have been absolutely saturated in pop, rap, and mash-ups. Somebody please make a rock album I can get down to. I am so bored of listening to the same ones over and over--my ears need fresh input! Even if it's only fresh cos you've got hits laid down over other hits. Mariah Carey singing a hook under a rapper yelling "throw some D's on that bitch"? Priceless. Eminem melded with MGMT?? Necessary. Beastie Boys into A-Ha into Lenny Kravitz, then slap some Nelly over the guitar lick from "What's My Age Again?" and press play. Anybody who lets me listen "Lean Like a Cholo" and the Spice Girls simultaneously has my heart. No question.

Don't even get me started on the politics of piracy--I just wanna dance!

Fuck Bitches. Get Euros.

All About the Scrillions