Welcome To My Bed

Drastic decision-time.

I am having a crisis of will when it comes to my hair lately. Every time it gets even the slightest length to it, I freak out and chop it all off again. Which works for me, to a certain extent. I never feel much like myself when I have any serious amount of hair. But then I get serious hairstyle jealousy whenever I see all the shiny baubles and wacky styles that people come up with, and I feel all down in the dumps about my inability to get to a point where I have long(ish) hair that I actually enjoy. I don't think I have ever actively enjoyed my hair when it was long. Besides being much more high maintenance, I just don't know if it looks right on me. When it gets past my ear lobes, I suddenly cannot stand it. I think this stems from the fact that I haven't brushed my hair in over five years, and once it gets to that point, the world dictates a need for hairbrushes. I cannot be bothered.

But today, I was standing in the hair dye aisle with my brother (kind of an odd thing to picture, being that he is twelve) and considering my options. I have only ever dyed my hair once, and only small bits at that, but for some reason I feel compelled to make a massive change to my outward appearance. Being that I am relatively broke, this change must be cheap to make. This rules out my usual methods of tattoos and piercings, wardrobe overhaul is simply out of the question (I like my current closet too much to oust it), and the options left behind are slim. Hair dye is the cheapest and easiest route for this massive change I've been craving. Besides simply shaving my head again, but honestly, who does that at this time of year? I would probably die of hypothermia during Jan Term if I were to be so bold. Anyway, I'm standing in the hair dye aisle and looking at the rainbow of available new lives: Do blondes really have more fun? Would an auburn that is really closer to a deep purple be too North Jersey mafia wife? Could I love myself as a redhead? Or do I just go all out and reach for a bottle of electric blue? All valid questions. My brother says that every time he tries to imagine me with long hair, he just sees me wearing a ridiculous wig.

So, the worry is this--do I wait for my hair to grow out before I make any drastic changes, or do I just go for it and see what happens? I am leaning more towards the first option, probably because I am scared of taking such a leap of faith without being able to test drive how I'd look before committing. But maybe this is a leap of faith that needs to be taken...

bleach blonde?

copper penny?

pale blue?