Welcome To My Bed

Methods of coping.

I will admit, I am very homesick. Not for Jersey, though that would follow logic, and I do miss the place in some ways. The home I miss is Providence. The Broad Street apartment that Kait and I will never live in together again. It's odd to think of it that way, a space we once had some ownership of is now a space we can no longer access. This homesickness is something I have tried to remedy by several means, the first of which was a camping trip the Wednesday after my birthday and although it did not entail me going to Rhode Island, I got to build several fires (see example below) and hang out with my sister.


But tonight, the homesickness will get some satisfaction, for I am driving out for a brief visit. Kaitlin and I are going to go to dinner, probably drink a substantial amount of wine and reminisce about our summer of sometimes wild antics, but mostly just serious couch time for GH and whatever else was on the DVR at the time. And next weekend, I'll be visiting the place I should be homesick for, hopefully sneaking a Brooklyn visit in among all of the errands that must be run. All bases covered, all systems go.