Welcome To My Bed

Woodland creatures gumming up the works.

I am being sporadic. This is what happens with two weeks left in my city love and not enough hours in the day to work/chill/spit/freak out. I'm going to miss this, all of it, all of the artists and lazy evenings and talking to the cats. Yes, even talking to the cats. And making bean dip in the middle of the night. Not the skunk though. I could totally do without the skunk that's been lurking near our dumpster all summer. It always tries to sneak attack me when I'm coming back from a night of galavanting. Nature hates my social life. Tales of ciphering adventures with the Providence youth slam team to follow, but for now, I'm going to bask in the afterglow of a seriously wonderful night. Like singing Alicia Keys songs wonderful. Like fruit smoothies wonderful. Yeah, I said it. Stay tuned.