Welcome To My Bed

Needed: shears and Shannyn.


My bangs are getting out of control right now. One of the bartenders at work was making fun of me for my entire shift yesterday because of how serious they are. They were attempting to devour my sunglasses. There was finch hopping around the deck that was missing its flight feathers, and he said that we should just glue some of my bangs onto its wing so it could make its way home. I later put on a headband and pushed my bangs back for the night because they were bothering me so much. I am restless. I'm not sure whether I should give myself a haircut or just stay the course to growing my hair out. I'm thinking I'll give myself a haircut. I guess I'm such a sucker for change.

Probably something along these lines -


My eternal icon when I have scissors in hand. Wish me luck!