Welcome To My Bed

Job Hunter.

Maybe I'm just getting a little down on myself lately, but now that the slam is over with and I still feel out of sorts, I'm thinking it has to be something beyond competition nerves. The next circumstance in line to blame is my work situation. Don't get me wrong - I love my job. Being right on the water at the beach keeps me from letting myself feel downtrodden about anything while I'm there. But I also only get two shifts a week, if I'm lucky. They hired far too many people, and I am feeling the full force of that now, having been sent home from work as soon as I got there this morning because it was raining. I cannot afford to live here (even without paying rent) on two shifts a week. So I have made a plan. On Monday morning and/or Tuesday all day, I'm going to canvas for other waitressing jobs downtown. Or really any job at all. I'm tired of long days in the apartment by myself and only twenty odd dollars in my wallet at a time. I'm going to do something proactive about it.