Welcome To My Bed

On the futon, un-asleep.


I know that it's possible to die from insomnia, but somehow I am not afraid. Probably because this is my first night of it in a long tim. But I also know that once it starts, it tends to stick around for about a month, which could prove to be a problem of some seriousness, considering that my new job is about dealing with customers and I can't effectively do that while half-asleep. Thus is my dilemma.

But even sleepless, Providence is proving to be the best possible choice I could have made for the summer. Instead of hiding from everything that's bothering me, I'm hashing it all out for myself - writing a lot, talking with Kaitlin about it, and just generally feeling better about things. I guess that what I really needed was distance. And now, thankfully, I have it, both physically and mentally. I also made a friend at work, which is comforting, seeing as that was my one major concern. She is also an English major and I think I successfully convinced her to come to an open mic at AS 220 with me next week, which I am really excited about.

Living in an urban area is working wonders for me. Everything is so close, and I am already able to drive fairly confidently from place to place after just a few days. Wendeline (my 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera S) has served me well thus far, and this weekend we will make her first visit to Hampshire to claim the rest of the shit I left there and see a bunch of my guys graduate. Hopefully it will not thunderstorm. I bought a new tube tope for the occasion, and I will be damned if I don't get to wear it. I'm thinking of getting in touch with a friend who has an apartment in Northampton to see if I can stay there, and tehn I may go up tomorrow night, which would be better, because then I won't have to do so much driving in one day. Not that it's so far away, but I just don't want to run myself into the ground.

These are the things one must consider when running on limited amounts of jet fuel.

Ugh, why am I still awake?