Welcome To My Bed

Ticking time bombs.


This is my face just before assuming a look of absolute panic at the speed with which the end of the semester is approaching. Next week I'll have final classes, the following week I'll be scrambling to finish up final papers and hand in portfolios. Thank god we don't have any such thing as exams.

I am in the middle of pulling together a preliminary portfolio for my Div 2, finishing my contribution to a group presentation, lotterying for housing ( don't even ask, it make no sense even to those of us who must participate), writing/editing all the creative pieces I need done for the end of the semester. And also, there's this thing about trying out for the NPS team that's happening this Tuesday and next. Check out the info here, and if you're on campus or at least in the area with nothing to do, I highly recommend checking it out. And not just because I'm competing. There is going to be some truly crazy magical awesomeness going down on that mic, and if you miss it, it's gone. I wouldn't want you to have to go through that overwhelming sense of loss.

Anyway, I have my pimp hat on, and hopefully that will allow me to accomplish everything on my to do list not only competently, but with an added swagger, just so that it looks easy (or at least enjoyable) to the general public. In the worst case scenario, I may not be in touch until after this madness has subsided. So, in preparation, enjoy spring fever. It only comes once a year.