Welcome To My Bed

Sometimes, I forget it's still possible to surprise myself.

Today was a day of wonderful surprises. I had a committee meeting to revise my Div 2 contract this morning before class, and while eating a bag of pretzels on the floor of a hallway with my committee member and talking shop, I got invited to read my poetry at a panel for accepted students, was informed that I can pass Div 2 in the fall (which means I'll be graduating a full year ahead of schedule instead of just one semester), and she also told me that the first piece I submitted to the workshop we have together was "amazing" - better than just plain old student work. It feels like everything is clicking. My feature is Thursday, and I have another with the team in April at Marlboro College in Vermont, and now this campus reading where I'll be representing the entire campus spoken word community (such an honor, considering how many truly amazing poets go to school here).

It seems that all the labor and love is paying off. Even with all of the endless distractions (another entry for another day), I have managed to go above and beyond the call of duty. And it feels fucking awesome to be validated in that.