Welcome To My Bed


I just finished a paper (I had been working on it since about 10 this morning) about the role of the reader in the actualization of the novel and coined a phrase - the scaffolding of reference. I always feel so ridiculous using academic language. Hopefully my professor doesn't laugh in my face.

Things have been incredibly crazy lately, and I just recently found out that all the hard work of this year has paid off in me being able to graduate a full year early. Essentially, with the assistance of how flexible and awesome my college is, I have skipped a grade. This idea is ludicrous to me. In light of the fact that I'll be graduating about a year from now, it's time to start thinking about post-collegiate plans. Teaching English abroad? Traveling the country with nothing but my chapbooks and a heart of gold? Who knows what the future will bring. For now I will continue to write very serious academic papers on a couch in the library, thinking about post-colonialism in conjunction with how New England is seriously devoid of good diners. And just for good measure, here's a video of our Slam Collective feature for this week, Maxwell Kessler, performing a poem at nationals in Philly.