Welcome To My Bed



Today I am literally back in high school, sitting at Kaitlin's desk in her classroom trying to do work but getting hopelessly distracted by the internet and how seriously sleep-deprived I am. Yesterday I woke up at 7, went to work, came home to pack for the weekend, had two classes (one of which is a joke and has been all semester, the other where I was a group leader for a presentation on Beloved and had to pretend to be awake enough to function), and rushed to Amherst to catch the first bus of the day. That bus took me to Springfield. In Springfield, I had to wait for too long for my second bus (to Providence). During most of the traveling, I did homework. My eyes got incredibly tired of reading. When I got to Providence, I had to take a third bus to Cranston, where my sister's apartment (soon to be mine as well) is. And then I finally got to sit down on something that wasn't traversing large stretch of highway. After eating two helpings of chicken pot pie, I passed out on the love seat. The cats would not leave me a alone all night.

I had a strange dream about the summer - Carlos was competing in Florida, and I guess I didn't end up on the Hampshire team (highly likely as it stands now) because in the dream I was sitting on my futon reading something dense like Tolstoy when I got the phone call. Probably because I have War and Peace waiting on my shelf for me in Jersey. He called me to let me know how his bout went. It was completely unlike him to have a straightforward, fact-based conversation without being prompted. I woke up feeling like we had actually had the conversation, probably because I had been asleep in the place where I'd be in August anyway, maybe because I haven't actually spoken to him in a long time.

I need to get folding screens together to fully establish myself as a Broad Street resident. I am really only living in a living room, but I am going to pretend as vehemently as possible that it is a real bedroom that just doesn't have proper walls. In a few weeks, everything old will be new again. As for right now, I could really use a nap.