Welcome To My Bed



(ambulance borrowed from Wonderful Universe)

So today is a day that will live in infamy as one of the worst driving days I have ever experienced. And not because it snowed again, because miraculously we've managed to avoid new precipitation here for at least the past few days (fingers crossed that the blessing will continue). But because everyone, and I mean everyone, Cassandra and I had the pleasure of sharing the road with on our errand day had decided that stop signs only mean slow down, that changing lanes is something does not require signaling, that driving in parking lots is synonymous with running down pedestrians, and that being an ambulance means you clearly do not understand spacial relationships.

We had two very simple objectives: 1) pick up the poems Cass has to edit for her Smith poetry class from Seeyle Hall, and 2) grab some essentials at Target. The woman at the business office even gave me a daffodil for no reason when I cashed my paycheck, which I mistakenly took as a good omen. I really should have known better. The running stops signs and general asshole driving is a pretty standard occurrence here, so I guess I can excuse that, but one incident goes far beyond what I ever expected.

After leaving the Smith campus, we were driving through Northampton when our conversation was interrupted by the dulcet tones of an ambulance siren. Being in the left lane of, we couldn't exactly get right without risking death, so we pulled towards the divider and waited. Even with plenty of room to coast right on through to our starboard side, the ambulance stupidly pulled up behind us and put on even more obnoxious sirens. So we started to pull forward in order to get to the right side of the street, and even though it was clear that's what we were doing, the ambulance driver found it necessary to shout over a loudspeaker "Get to the right!" Which we did. The ambulance finally passed us and then nearly crashed into the back of a pick-up truck. Maybe someone was drunk. The world will never know.

But at least I have this flower. Even with asshole drivers, and my living room and kitchen completely over-taken by a movie crew that has banished me to my room hungry and alone, I still have a little memory of spring. Also, I got a lot of laundry done today, which is always a plus.