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Things learned in 2008.

I promised this post a long while ago and never made good on it, so I'm going to now since I haven't done a list post in a long long long time. Anyway, getting on with it.

Things I Learned in 2008

1 - Sleep is over-rated: 2008 marked my first all-nighter (the eve of the drive down to NC in July), and my second (the production of three chapbooks in one sleepless night, why yes I am completely insane). I had forgotten how much I got done without sleep; back in high school I used to survive on about three hours a night and no naps. Then college happened and for awhile it seemed I had returned to sleep habits of a toddler. I still struggle with that sometimes. But I'm getting better at not sleeping. I promise.


2 - Robots can emote: WALL-E. Obviously. I didn't think it was possible to feel sympathy for a robot. Pixar gets me every time I guess.

3 - A good performance does not a movie make: I've argued this many times this past year, and it seems to be holding true. James Franco could not save Pineapple Express. But following the same logic, there were a lot of great performances this year, and I'm happy I was at the movies for a lot of them.

4 - Reading as much as I do will end in glass: Hey, I don't make the rules.

5 - Good hamburgers come from California: Actually, that's a lie. Most hamburgers in California absolutely suck. But if you are eating at In & Out, you're doing something right. They must open franchises on the East Coast immediately. I demand it.


6 - Tom Cruise is best when playing crazy: he's settled down since the whole couch-jumping incident, but crazy isn't a bad look for him. He should just reserve it for movies. Then we get things like Eyes Wide Shut and Vanilla Sky. Which I refuse to complain about.

There are more practical things, like how to edit a beloved manuscript without blowing a gasket, but where would the fun be in that? Plus, I'm really not sure I have that one down yet.