Welcome To My Bed


It's exciting to think that there are entirely new people living beneath the skins of the people you see every day. To make dubious reference to Shrek, people are onions. Let me correct myself. The most interesting people are onions. I have yet to find any exception to this rule. Every movie I watch (today it was Atonement for class, after Slam Collective maybe A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints)is only compelling to me if the people are like pop-up books. The thing I read and write are only successful to me if they can be looked at three-dimensionally and still hold up to scrutiny.

When I was in grade school, we made plaster sculptures by pouring wet plaster in milk cartons, letting it get leather-hard, and then carving at it with clay tools. (This is relevant, I promise.) I realized that circling things is the best way to get to know them well. Maybe that's why sharks circle. I will pretend that is the case, because I want to believe they are collecting special bits of coral for their homes in quaint shipwrecks. Anyway, all angles must be explore before a person can be judged.

And so I bring you a blog I have recently discovered: Everything Happens Sometime. I'd like to take credit for stumbling across it in my internet wandering, but I don't have time for internet wanderings, just work and more work. Which is incidentally how I found out about this archive of photographs. I work at the library, as I mention incessantly. My job is menial at best, and involves lots of shelving. I like to consider myself seriously expert at the Library of Congress classification system. All of this handling of books, which are very silent things in case you haven't noticed, has driven me to heavy use of my otherwise-neglected ipod. And at the beginning of last semester, Andrew from Media Services began asking me every shift what I was listening to. It was typically something of the embarrassing sort of mindlessness (Britney Spears, various mash-ups, etc.), but sometimes he would frown in approval on his way to get mail or whatever he was walking through the Circ office for. And to think it took all this time for us to trade urls.

So I guess the point of all this hot air is that you should have a look. And I guess I wanted to tell you that I have found an onion. I currently have very few onions on my plate to dissect - so this should be interesting.